Photograph by Lee Sanders



Contempromental millinery is edgy and unapologetic; bold in colour, pattern, line and texture. 

Contempromental specialises in hats and headpieces for men and women including: every day and standout streetwear, event headwear, theatrical pieces and custom hats and headpieces made to your specifications.

Designer and Milliner

Contempromental was created by Melbourne based milliner, costume designer and photographer Laura Dunnington in 2014.

With a background in fine art (BFA 2011) Laura approaches her millinery in the same way as her photography; with an eye for line, colour, composition and texture.

Laura finds inspiration through materials, printmaking, photography, music, art, film, nature, everyday life and vintage fashion journals.

Laura has a particular interest in painting and dyeing materials to achieve various effects which results in no two Contempromental pieces being exactly alike.

Driving Laura’s work is the thrill of seeing ideas evolve, from a midnight jotting on a notepad to a wearable headpiece.  Watching the way a design manifests itself from concept to conclusion and ultimately seeing the delight the millinery brings the wearer.